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Completing a Zenith aircraft requires you to calculate and document the weight & balance figures for your plane and present them to the inspector…and for many homebuilders this task is confusing and complicated — however, we have a video to make this task simple and easy to understand.

This DVD is specifically designed to teach the experimental aircraft homebuilder who is not comfortable with weight & balance concepts how to perform the required weight & balance calculations for their aircraft. We make it easy for you to understand the concepts required to perform your own weight and balance analysis on your aircraft and then document the findings for the inspection process.  The video begins by presenting the big picture of the importance of weight & balance for safe aircraft flight, and then progresses through each step using video ‘chapters’ with detailed explanations. More experienced builders can skip through the chapters to find the information they need. The weight & balance worksheets that are required for your inspection process are displayed on screen, and the instructor explains what they mean and how to fill them out.  Some of the highlights of this DVD include:

  • Target audience: those builders who are new or uncomfortable with weight & balance issues as they apply to a new homebuilt
  • A great refresher course for those who have previously worked with weight  & balance as part of pilot training
  • Explains WHAT weight & balance is and WHY it is so important
  • What the dangerous effects of overweight or out of balance conditions have on aircraft performance
  • How often do weight and balance calculations have to be performed
  • How to weigh your homebuilt aircraft
  • How to determine the center of gravity (CG) location on your homebuilt
  • What calculations and mathematical formulas are required
  • Demonstrations of weight & balance calculations for a typical homebuilt
  • How to understand and fill out weight & balance worksheets for your inspection process
  • Typical loading scenarios that your inspector wants to see documented
  • What documentation has to be carried in your aircraft at all times
  • Computer spreadsheet demonstration for ‘what if’ loading scenarios
  • Methods for calculating the adjustments of your load to achieve proper balance
  • Questions and answers from students regarding common weight & balance issues

This affordable DVD video is approximately 90 minutes in length and is divided into 9 ‘chapters’ to make navigation and review of desired sections fast and easy. It is certainly a great way to save time and aggravation towards completing the required weight & balance procedures for your homebuilt project while preparing for a safe, first flight.