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The glider was named according to the initial letters of the surnames of its creators – the ANB (Almurzin, Nikitin, Bogatov).

On May 1, 1983 the glider was ready and tested.ANB-M “Transparent” in Crimea at the All-Union Review Competition of SLA-84 was awarded the 1st prize. Specialists were advised to launch the glider in mass production.

ANB-M – single-seat glider:

-the wing area – 10.5 m2;
-empty weight – 70 kg;
-take-off weight is 145 kg.

ANB-I – a modular multi-purpose double glider – was created on the basis of two ANB-M as a result of a simple refinement – two fuselages are fixed parallel at a distance of 2.2 m from each other (the idea was submitted by the oldest designer of gliders V. Janusov).
It turned out a rather exotic design, jokingly called “Snake Gorynych.” The wing span thus became 11 m, and weight – 135 kg.