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This exciting training tool will enhance your knowledge of Approach Charts, Enroute Charts and Arrival/Departure Charts. All are included on one convenient DVD! Interactive quizzes are also included to reinforce important concepts. DVD only.

Instrument flight demands exacting skills that can be enhanced by using the most precise navigation information available. The Jeppesen Chart Training DVD is designed to refine your IFR skills by helping your properly interpret the data on Jeppesen Charts.

The Approach/Airport Chart section includes:

Plan View
Profile View
Landing Minimums
Jeppesen’ s Briefing Strip
The Enroute Chart section includes:

Chart Symbology
Reporting Points
Defining Airways and Intersections
Enroute Altitudes
High Altitude Charts
Jet Routes
Minimum Off-Route Altitudes
The Departure and Arrival section includes:

Pilot Navigation Departure Procedures
Vector Departure Procedures
Textural vs. Graphic Departure
Takeoff Minimums
Flying the Transition
Standard Terminal Arrival Routes
Flying the STAR
Planning the Approach
Descent Planning