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Texas Parasol aircraft

Over 60 of these little planes have been built so far.  The simple and forgiving construction and very inexpensive materials make it a good choice for a first time project.Simple, very sturdy, and inexpensive to build. This ultralight parasol is powered by a 40 hp two-stroke engine . Very nice flying little airplanes.
Aluminium front deck, Custom fiberglass engine cowl, 1600cc VW engine,   Full span ailerons, Aileron push-rods, Wood fairing strips for aft fuselage.


Plans for the basic parasol are published in book form consisting of pages of “story” (with pictures, sketches, tips, etc.) and another pages of dimensioned detail drawings for layouts and parts fabrication. There is very few parts on this  plane that can not be made with basic hand tools.
Also Includes AN hardware guide – and – a full sized airfoil pattern.
It’s a really simple build. And a nice flyer too.

Texas Parasol aircraft specifications:

Wingspan  26 ft
Wing Chord 4.6′ (56″)
Wing Area 125 sq. ft
Aspect Ratio 5.8
Reynolds # 1.5 to 3 mil
Empty Weight 252 – 350 lb
Gross Weight 600 lb.
Useful Load 250 to 300 lb
Wing Loading  ~ 6 LB/SQ. FT
Power  30 to 90 HP
Power Load 6 to 20 lb./HP
Fuel Capacity  5 to 12 gallons
Stall 34 mph
Cruise 55 to 90 mph
Max Speed 100 mph
Rate of Climb 1200 FPM
Take-off 200 feet
Landing 300 feet
Ceiling 12000 feet