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The Tandem Air-Bike allows you to share the fun. Thicker spars increase the useful load for
the largest of pilots. Strong and responsive, the Tandem may be the perfect taildragger
trainer. Full dual controls, optional wing fold and an honest 500lb. useful load.

The name Airbike was chosen for the aircraft because it has a narrow fuselage and the pilot’s feet rest on rudder pedals that are on the outside of the aircraft, in a similar manner to a motorcycle.

The Tandem Airbike retains all of the single-seater’s features and has a stretched fuselage to accommodate the second seat. It uses a wing of 33.8 ft (10.3 m) span with an area of 152 sq ft (14.14 sq m). The tandem-seat model was intended to be licensed as an ultralight trainer or an amateur-built aircraft. Standard engine was the 50 hp (37 kW) Rotax 503.

Wingspan 31 ft.
Area 138 sq. ft
Empty Weight 400 lbs.
Length 18 ft.
Height 5′-8″
Brakes Yes
Engine Rotax, Hirth 50-65hp
Propellor 62×38, 64×36
Fuel Capacity 10 US Gal.

Takeoff Roll 200 ft.
Rate of Climb 600 ft./min.
Service Ceiling 10,000 ft.
Cruise 70 mph
Vne 100 mph
Stall 32 mph
Landing Roll 250 ft.
Endurance 2 hrs.
Range 175 mi.

Landing Gear Fixed Conventional
Control System 3-Axis
Build Time 250 hrs.
Fuselage Welded 4130 Steel
Wing Structure Spruce & Plywood
Empennage Structure Welded 4130 Steel
Elevator Control Teleflex Cable
Aileron Control Direct Pushrod