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PIK-26 Mini-Sytky is a low-wing monoplane, designed by the Finnish aircraft designer Kai Mellen. Its high performance allows it to cruise at 173 km/h while burning 7 litres/hour. Several aircraft of this design are now flying.

The PIK-26 is mainly constructed from wood. While the skins are made of birch plywood, and the spars of pine, the wing ribs are made of PVC foam. Construction time for the PIK-26 is about 2,300 hours.

General characteristics:

Crew: one (pilot)
Length: 4.33 (m)
Wingspan: 5.24 (m)
Height: 1.22 (m)
Wing area: 6 (m²)
Airfoil: GAW-2 (also referred as the NASA LS(1)-0413 airfoil)
Empty weight: 144 (kg)
Useful load: 106 (kg)
Loaded weight: 250 (kg)
Fuel Capacity (litres) 27
Powerplant: 1 × Citroen Visa or Mosler MMCB 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, (35 hp)


Never exceed speed: 190 (km/h)
Maximum speed: 190 (km/h)
Cruise speed: 170 (km/h)
Stall speed: 63 (km/h)
Range: 450 (with 45 min reserve) (km)
Service ceiling: 3,300 m (demonstrated)
Rate of climb: 3.2 m/s (@ 130 km/h)
takeoff run= 170 m
landing roll= 250 m
Fuel Consumption (l/h) 7